Search Engine Watch 2003 Award Winners

Search Engine Watch has released its annual list of outstanding web search services for 2003. Your favorite search engine is among them, but there were also some surprises and controversial predictions for the coming year.

In early January 2004, Search Engine Watch members were invited to nominate search engines in various categories for the 4th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards. They could choose from a list of search engines that Search Engine Watch editors thought were good for within a particular category or suggest new services.

In late January 2004, anyone subscribed to one of Search Engine Watch’s newsletters was sent a special email allowing them to vote in the final round. Each person was only able to vote once using a unique voting URL.

Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan and associate editor Chris Sherman made the final decisions about award winners. Our selections were influenced by reader votes, though the final decisions over winners isn’t always the same as the voting.

In most categories, people were allowed to name both a winner and a second place choice. In our summary where we detail the process of how we made our decisions, we often refer to how the voting went for the “winner” of a category versus the “second place” vote.

Yes, we know, this makes things confusing. However, we have found that by letting people make two choices, it is easier to see the strengths of some second-tier services that might otherwise get drowned out.

Want to see the winners? Click the link below to view the outstanding web search services for 2003.

4th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards

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