Search Engine Forums Spotlight – Feb 5, 2004

Links to this week’s topics from search engine forums across the web.

Still Not Listed With Inktomi

“The bad news about PFI [pay for inclusion” is that all sites are subject to a review by a human being looking for breaches of their rules. This is now getting particularly strict with the forthcoming switch on Yahoo Anyone who puts pages into PFI (particularly if they don’t have a record built over the years) almost certainly will now have their sites checked by Inktomi/Yahoo editors. The same is true of anyone renewing their PFI subscriptions.”

Redirect a Site Cleanly Without a 301
High Rankings Forum

“Don’t you guys think that the spammers have long since stopped using the meta refresh tag and are using .htaccess like the rest of us? I really think the advice about meta refresh being a big problem is old info, and probably not as accurate as it once was. I mean, what’s the dif? They can use .htaccess too! (And from what I understand, they do!)”

AdSense December Check
Webmaster World

“It’s just irritating to be treated like this and have their arrogant ‘if there is anything I can do’ autoreplies saying take it or leave it, when they know they are the only game in town right now … I don’t care if you send my money by donkey, but get it to me on time every month….I gave you the traffic so you could have a supply so you could get others to pre-pay for it … just lose the attitude, and pay me.”

Measuring Keyword Competition
High Rankings Forum

“Wordtracker’s ‘competition search’ doesn’t really give you any idea of the level of competition. All it gives you is the total matches for an exact phrase search. A lot of those ‘competitors’ aren’t even trying. To eliminate the ‘accidental competitors’ and figure out who you’re really competing with, try these instead…”

Ranked #2 in MSN = No Traffic

“I rank #2 for a pretty competitive keyword phrase in MSN right now but I barely get any traffic. I’m assuming much of it is going to the Overture AdWords at top. Anyone else experiencing this?”

Verizon to Launch Local Search PPC
Webmaster World

“Believing that it is uniquely positioned to dominate local search on the Internet, Verizon’s Information Services arm has announced plans to overhaul its site. The company’s revamped Web presence, scheduled to debut on March 1, boasts a streamlined look without sacrificing anything in the way of information.”

Do the Search Engines See Banner Links?
High Rankings Forum

“If a website uses one of your animated gif or jpeg banners to link to your site is it also necessary for them to add a text link in order for the search engines to see it?”

Google to Delay IPO?
Webmaster World

“They must be reading different market conditions than the rest of us!? Spring 2004 – Perfect. You’d have to be brain dead not to realize that ‘tech is back baby’. Ask Jeeves just turned a profit – Yahoo is turning into a merciless profit machine – and even Microsoft is up. We are in an upgrade cycle right now. Hardware is back, the web is mature, last year was awesome – this is going to be better.”

Search Engine Forums Spotlight courtesy Search Engine Guide.

SearchDay Week in Review

Searching For Sounds
SearchDay, Feb. 5, 2004

Ever wondered what a kookaburra sounds like? Want to use the Roadrunner’s ‘beep beep’ as your ‘you’ve got mail’ sound? FindSounds can help you find these and hundreds of other sound files on the web.

Hack Your Own Search Engine Crawler
SearchDay, Feb. 4, 2004

Want to build your own customized search tool that can search the web, explore online databases, and mine virtually any other type of internet resource? Spidering Hacks shows you how.

A Better Search Tool for Finding Needles in Haystacks
SearchDay, Feb. 3, 2004

The NeedleSearch toolbar lets you capture the basic search functionality from any search engine, site search tool, or specialized database and put it at your command with a single click.

Search Engine Milestones for January 2004
SearchDay, Feb. 2, 2004

Notable news and announcements from the web search world during the past month.

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