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Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area includes Malibu beaches, hiking trails, and cultural Native American sites.

Located adjacent to the city of Los Angeles, the second largest urban area in the United States, the Santa Monica Mountains represent one of the largest protected areas of the Mediterranean-type ecosystem. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is part of the Mediterranean Coast Network that protects some of the most significant examples of terrestrial Mediterranean-type ecosystems and coastal marine environments anywhere in the world. The climate of the Mediterranean ecosystem along with the diverse topography in the Santa Monica Mountains has created a landscape filled with unique natural resources. Over 1,000 plant species provide habitat for approximately 500 mammal, bird, reptile, and amphibian species.

[November 2018 update: Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area sustained significant damage during the Woolsey Fire. Nearly 90 percent of the park burned – its ecosystem, trails, and park structures have been impacted. Be sure to check the park’s page for updates and closures. And if you want to help, the National Park Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund aims to meet the needs of national parks affected by disasters and catastrophic events large and small.]    


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