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Sandy beaches, majestic waves, otherworldly cypress trees—crest a hill and see it all when you visit this one-of-a-kind paradigm of coastal California beauty.

Where the Pacific Ocean meets some of California’s most picturesque cliffs and beaches, Point Reyes National Seashore attracts hikers, whale watchers, and nature lovers from all over the country every year.  

Located on the Point Reyes peninsula (a geographically separated area on a different tectonic plate from the coastal areas surrounding it), the park was inhabited originally by the Coast Miwok Indians. European explorers, led by Sir Francis Drake, arrived in the late 1500s. Centuries later, when maritime trade took the San Francisco Bay area by storm, a lighthouse and lifesaving station were constructed. Visitors can still see the lighthouse, and other historic structures and landscapes, when exploring the park today.

Source www.nationalparks.org

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