Invite All Your Facebook Friends to Like a Page or Event 2020 [Code]

Invite all FB friends

Ever wondered how you can invite all your friends to like a page on Facebook? What if you’re organizing a massive Project X and want to invite everyone you know to your Facebook event?

Today I’ll show you how to invite all your Facebook friends to a page, event, fundraiser, and more.

I just updated this post to reflect the new FB layout, enjoy! (This works as of Oct 31, 2020)

Btw, I also have codes for Twitter and Pinterest.

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1) How to invite all friends to like a page on Facebook

Good news! You no longer need a script to invite all your friends to like your page on Facebook!

Facebook recently just rolled out a handy new feature that allows you to invite everyone to like your page.

Here’s how to invite all your friends to like your page:

  • Go to your Facebook Fan Page
  • On the right hand side, find the 3 horizontal dots and hit invite friends
  • A pop up will appear, click on “Select All” on the right
image 5
  • Lastly, click “Send invites”
    Note that you can also send invites via Messenger (capped at 50 people at the time)

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Here are other useful FB invite hacks.

2) Invite people that liked your post to like your page on Facebook

This trick is quite useful is you ever run a post that ends up going viral. With this script you can invite everyone that liked that post, to like your page.

Note: For this to work, you must use Google Chrome (some people reported it also works on Firefox).


  1. Go to the post you want to get likes from
  2. Click on the like count
    invite post to like
  3. A window will pop up. Scroll to the bottom of that list.
  4. Type “javascript:” into the address bar. (Notice the colon [:] after javascript, no quotes).   
  5. Paste the code below after “javascript:” 
var inputs = document.querySelectorAll('.a8c37x1j.ni8dbmo4.stjgntxs.l9j0dhe7.ltmttdrg.g0qnabr5'); 	 
for(var i=1; i<inputs.length;i++) {	 	 

and that should do it! (Alternatively, you can manually hit invite on the people you want to invite to like your page)

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PS: If you are having any troubles, just let me know in the comments!

3) Facebook Event Invite Code

Code to invite all friends to a Facebook event at once

Again, use Google Chrome to achieve this.

  1. Go to your Facebook Event page
  2. Click on “Share” > “Invite friends”

    invite to event
  3. Scroll down to the very bottom of that list that just popped up.
  4. Type “javascript:” into the address bar. (Notice the colon [:] after javascript, no quotes).   
  5. Paste the invite all to event code below right after “javascript:”
  6. Wait a few seconds and then hit Send Invites. Voilà! All your Facebook friends are invited to your event.
var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('_1pu2');
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length; i++)

PS: I tried this and it worked, but if for some reason it doesn’t for you, just let me know, I’ll update the script.

Note: Before saying the script doesn’t work make sure you type “javascript:” before it on the url bar.

Note: You can only invite up to 500 people per day to an event. (I don’t know about you but 500 people should be enough for all your party needs, unless you are really throwing that Project X party, in which case, you should also invite me)

4) Invite People to your Facebook Fundraisers

I’m seeing a great trend of people creating a fundraiser on their birthday, here’s how you can invite all your friends to your noble cause.

Again, type “javascript:” before pasting this code into the url bar 🙂

var inputs = document.querySelectorAll('._4jy0._4jy3._4jy1._51sy.selected._42ft'); 

for(var i=1; i<inputs.length; i++) { 

Let me know in the comments which cause you are raising money for on Facebook!

Code Explanation

Since I am a Computer Scientist, I might as well briefly explain what the script does so you know that it is not a virus, but a simple script to ease the burden of manually clicking on all friends.

Here’s what the Facebook invite all to like script does:

This line searches for the element called “.a8c37x1j…” which happens to be the invite box and loads it to the inputs variable.

var inputs = document.querySelectorAll('.a8c37x1j.ni8dbmo4.stjgntxs.l9j0dhe7.ltmttdrg.g0qnabr5');

This loops for all your friends:

for(var i=0;i<inputs.length;i++)

Click on their respective invite button:

{ inputs[i].click(); }

But what if you don’t want to use any automation and would rather politely message someone?

Here’s how you can ask someone to like your page.

I would say something like:
“Hi [Name],
I just created a new FB page (link) that talks about [Topic] which I am really passionate about. I would appreciate it if you can hook me up with a like. If not, no problem. Either way, thank you :)”

Another hack: You can convert your personal page into a profile and turn all your friends into likes.

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