How To Write An Impressum For Your Company On Facebook

You have made your business Facebook page, filled out all the details, and even began putting together content.

Great! Everything looks good!

Have you created an Impressum yet?

If your answer is no, this guide will tell you what exactly is an Impressum and why is it important!

Google first added the Impressum as part of the page description setting, and it aimed to help create pages that centered on the organization, the brand, or the business.

In 2015, Facebook started adding the “Impressum”, a new feature for business pages, and it led to most users asking what it was for and was it necessary to fill out.

The Facebook Impressum requires users to go to the settings and click on the “add Impressum” option, a part of the process to make Facebook page descriptions.

If you’re a business owner, creating a page warrants the creation of an Impressum as well. 

This article will help you with the following:

Writing and setting up an Impressum for Facebook.Understand the importance of Impressum.Determine the reasons why Facebook added Impressum to its features.Understand the definition and meaning of Impressum.

So, how do you set up and write an Impressum for Facebook? Read Below.

What ‘Impressum’ Means

Impressum is originally a Latin word that means ‘Legal Notice,’ ‘Legal Disclosure,’ ‘Credits,’ ‘State of Ownership,’ or ‘Imprint.’ Generally, Impressum is a more refined and fancier version of a page’s terms of conditions and “about us” feature.

Although some pages don’t put too much thought into an Impressum, they should use this section as a way to thoroughly show viewers their backstory, mission, etc.

Using An Impressum For Business

In Germanic countries, owners and authors of data or documents have an Impressum to indicate legal ownership. As required by the law, there should be an Impressum in magazines, newspapers, websites, and books.

A website that contains an Impressum is like having a page dedicated to the business or company’s terms and conditions or “about us” page. Unfortunately, English-speaking countries don’t have laws that require having an Impressum.

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However, countries without an Impressum have rules and regulations that protect an owner or author’s rights. Here are a few examples:

Having a section dedicated to the website’s “Legal notice,” “Legal Disclosure,” and “Site Notice.”All books should contain critical information (name of the publisher and printer, as well as the date of publication).Both the newspaper and magazines include a list of board members. This list appears most commonly on the editorial page.UK Printer’s Imprint Act 1961 wherein printers should put their name and address on each book they print.Political Parties, Elections, and Referendums Act 2000 wherein promoters must show their names on all election materials.

If your country doesn’t have laws that make business owners create an Impressum, it would be best to create a page that’s similar and displays information about the company or brand.

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Why Facebook Added An Impressum?

In Germany, lawyers often scrutinize website owners that do not have a proper Impressum. Also, if the Impressum lacks essential information or is wrongly made, a competitor’s lawyer can send a cease and desist order to stop the business from continuing.

Due to the issues as mentioned earlier regarding an Impressum, Facebook decided to include it in their public page settings. This feature allows a business owner to state their ownership of a product or business publicly.

Adding an Impressum on your business’ Facebook profile lets viewers and profile visitors a detailed presentation of data regarding the company, brand, or website. If your country allows it, you may build an Impressum using several support tools. 

How To Start Writing An Impressum For Your Page

Creating an Impressum on Facebook is both comfortable and convenient. Here are the steps you should follow:

Go to and log in to your business account.Click on your profile.Below your page’s cover photo, there is an “about” button. Click on it.You will now see the page’s information section plus several features to help edit your Facebook page. Locate the ‘Short Description Option.’Under the ‘Short Description Option’ and above the ‘Company Overview Option’ is where you can edit your Impressum. Click on “Input Impressum.”Once you click the “Input Impressum,” you can now type in or copy and paste your company’s Impressum on the blank box.

Facebook allows a maximum of 2,000 characters for an Impressum so that you can fully express and show what your company is all about. 

What to add in the Impressum?

However, it’s important to always include the following information in the Impressum:

The name of the company/ business/organizationThe address of the company/ business/organizationContact number/s, fax number/s, email addressThe owner’s nameThe manager’s nameThe license and registration number of the company/ business/ organizationSeveral links that direct to the official website of the company/ business/ organization.

Adding the information mentioned above helps Facebook handle situations such as a business getting involved in a jurisdiction that requires an Impressum. Having an Impressum lets Facebook use the links provided by the company as well as the information posted. In the end, there is a transfer of liability to the company/ business/ organization.

The Role Of Impressum Generators

Believe it or not, the majority of page visitors do take the time to read about a business’s information. Owners should see the Impressum as an essential aspect of the company’s page. 

Sometimes, creating a compelling and exciting Impressum is a difficult task. Business owners also don’t have an idea regarding the laws that involve an Impressum.

Thanks to Impressum generators, business owners have access to endless guides and support. These programs aid in creating an outstanding, exceptional, and effective content.

Also, Facebook allows owners to retain a business profile by offering to help a user switch or migrate from one profile type to another. This program allows owners to abide by Facebook’s terms of service (TOS) and make use of the platform’s functionality.


As the years go by, more business owners are turning to social media platforms such as Facebook as a way to endorse and display essential company information. If you have a company or business, make sure that you include an Impressum on your Facebook page.

However, if your country does not have Impressum laws yet, the next best thing would be to include information that’s similar to the content of an Impressum. 

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