How to Contact Google [Phone, Email, Support] ?

how to contact Google

Did you know that on average, people all over the world use at least one Google product per day?

If you are having issues with any Google product, here you will find a way to contact Google.

Here’s how to contact Google via the Phone, and how to contact Google Adsense and Adwords (also called Google Ads in some countries).

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Google’s Phone Number

Google’s Support phone number is: 1-855-836-1987.

Upon pickup, an automated teller sends you through a series of menus.

Pay close attention to each instruction as cooperation and patience would be needed to sift through these pre-prepared recordings.

Unless you have a serious issue with, say, an Android phone, you would most like be requested by a recorded voice to visit a specific webpage to help you resolve your issue.

Contacting Google for Google Drive Support

Surprisingly, Google Drive is the only app product which the company allows direct contact with its support.

This is since cloud drive and files issues are serious problems that need much care.

Just imagine losing a spreadsheet which contains all your invoices or employee salary saved in the Google cloud.

From webpage,

Click on the icon of Google Drive.On the following webpage, click on the “Contact Us” found on the upper righthand corner of the page.From the dropdown menu, keeping in mind that clauses such as “Missing or deleted files” would allow for direct contact (other options will not redirect you).Once you find the next menu, choose the way you want Google to reach you. Choose between a callback, chat request, or email.

Now you wait for Google to call, chat, or email you.

Contacting Google for Adsense Support

If you run ads on your site like me, you will probably run into issues loading your Adsense ads at some point.

As a preliminary, before contacting Google through Adsense, you can first check if your Google product issue has been solved in the articles made by Google’s pool of troubleshooting writers here

If you still have not been able to find your fix in those articles, community forums are also available here

However, to actually contact Google through Adsense, you have to reach them through their sales department.

You have to place yourself as someone who is doing a startup agreement with Google Ads and expecting to get answers fast.

The only problem is that this method requires that you be an agency managing a website which has at least 3 million page views per day or website owner having 300,000 page views per day.

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Contacting Google Support for Adwords (or Google Ads)

Google can also be reached through their Google Adwords (in some countries, Google Ads) support team.

If you are a typical business owner trying to catch Google, you can still possibly get some technical support, although it is very unlikely. The most efficient way to do this is to send a support message through Follow these simple instructions

Visit the webpage down the menus and clauses to expand the dropdown menu to show the Business sectionClick on either AdWords (or Google Ads) or Google My BusinessIn the upper righthand corner of the page, click “fix” or “contact”Choose the option that best fits your current problem of troubleshooting issue (Note that many options are a literal dead end; thus they will not lead you to an actual contact form)Click the return arrow (an arrow pointing towards the left) and choose one option that will end up in a contact form or a contact us link.You should be able to see a form asking for your personal contact details and other information about your current problem.Fill out the form quickly, and patiently wait for a reply back.

Notice, in this case, that specifically choosing “Google My Business” is the more practical choice to get a callback or a simple reply. This is since Google provides no actual support channel asking about the regular and typical troubleshooting issues.

A pro tip to remember is that if you choose the option “advertise my business” or “advertise with Google,” you are most likely to receive a response from the specialized support team depending on your preferred contact medium.

Pro tip: if you are spending serious money on Google Adwords, at some point you will probably be assigned an Account Representative.

In this case, you should direct your problems to that person as they will be the best equipped to guide you how to solve them.

Connecting to Google through AdWords’ Phone Number

Google Adwords in the United States can be reached through the AdWords Telephone Number: 1-866-2GOOGLE (1-866-246-6453).

This number, however, is not the Google Ads telephone number for those outside the U.S. since each country has its own AdWords subordinate which has a local counterpart.

Do not believe just any list on the internet for your local Google Ads telephone number as most of them might be bogus, or even be a sham. Find the Google Ads contact for your country here Also, this page is where you can check if you can contact Google through email.

Nevertheless, when you advertise on Google, you are much more likely to receive support and directly speak with an actual customer service representative.

Just like Facebook’s revenue, most of the profits of Google come from top-up advertisers who put their webpages at the preliminary page of google search results.  Usually, when you see the word “Ad” next to your search results in Google, you should immediately assume that it is a business that pays Google to place them before your searches.

Google is willing to speak with businesses who wish to spend more money on advertising through them. Other requests for contact that are considered by Google as issues needing support from a human customer service representative is Google My Business (as previously discussed in this article) and Google’s review websites.

They use these webpages to introduce business officials and owners to their products for advertising; thus, Google offers customer service to owners who want to improve their own business listings and reach.

In this method, you must be prepared to be sales-talked by representatives from Google since they are trained to sell you Adwords.

Keep in mind that when talking to these representatives and you inquire about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or placing your business on Google’s “free section,” you will most likely not get any specific advice.

The Google support team will most likely redirect you to support documents and articles which speak of the best practices to consider. Lastly, they would avoid questions about difficulties and issues with your website and showing up on Google for free.

As such, this only goes to show that the best way to get an actual solution and response is through an SEO consultant. It just means finding a person with prior experience in getting businesses to show up on the Google search results.

A Final Note

As with all service providers, mishaps and problems of Google product acquisition and usage are not uncommon.

If you are reading this, you probably have had difficulties with one or two Google products and are expecting a quick response.

Keep in mind that in contacting Google, you should go directly into the support link of the product you are having problems with.

Google itself is already hard to contact, and we should not let the opportunity to speak with a customer representative come to a waste.

We must bear in mind to be both polite and concise. Imagine yourself being the calmest in speaking to a customer service representative or writing to Google (and waiting for a reply back).

Instead of making things complicated, keep your words to a minimum and cover everything in as little words as possible. As consumers, we are expected to talk ourselves through product use problems with good manners and quick responses.

If you are trying to contact Google because your site isn’t ranking, then that’s an SEO problem. Here’s how to get ranked on Google.

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