Fagoogle: Google For The Gay Community

Fagoogle is a new Google-powered site that promises to share some of the ad revenues it earns with the gay community (exactly how
this is done, to what groups, etc. isn’t said on the site. A press release suggests it will go to fund
awareness programs in schools).

There’s a ton of disclaimers, like on the bottom of every page, “Fagoogle.com is not owned, run, operated, viewed, conceived, sandboxed, or banned by Google.com” or in the
Fagoogle press release: “Google, Inc. itself, has announced that Fagoogle.com is fully in compliance with Google regulations, and as such is neither endorsed, nor shunned by

I personally haven’t seen any such announcements of this from Google, nor do I see anything like this on the Google press
page. But I have no doubt Google has a relationship with Fagoogle. Fagoogle simply seems to be one of many Google’s many
AdSense For Search affiliates.

What’s a pity is that Fagoogle didn’t make use of Site-Flavored Google Search to customize results for a
gay audience. For example, the box below is site-flavored to promote sites that have a gay focus to them.


homeHTML = “”;
document.getElementById(“hm”).innerHTML = homeHTML;

Try a search for marriage and compare it to a regular Google search for
marriage. You’ll see colored balls showing up next to results that have been given an gay interest boost (for more, see
this past article from SearchDay).

What really remains to be seen is whether Google’s trademark attorneys will be comfortable with the name sounding so close to Google’s own. The porn search engine Booble
certainly found that gained Google’s displeasure. A parody site also recently became a target:
Google: Take Down This Parody Site.

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Source www.searchenginewatch.com

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