Ask Google: What Does the Web Think Of…

Curious to know what the web has to say about a person, place or thing? An amusing tool searches Google and shows you what website owners think about the name or topic you enter.

Google is well-known for trying to understand the web’s “opinion” about web pages, using this information in part to determine search results. It does this by analyzing links, which are considered to be “votes” by the web community for particular web pages.

Googlism takes a much more simplistic approach. Rather than looking at links, Googlism tries to find web pages with text that fits the form, “So-and-so is…” or “Such and such is…” To learn the web’s “opinion” of something, simply enter your search terms, and click a radio button to select “who,” “what,” “where,” or “when.”

Googlism then returns a list of comments extracted from web pages found by Google, related to your query. The results are interesting, and often hilarious. Try entering your own name, or those of your friends. You’ll likely be surprised by what you find.

Unfortunately, Googlism shows only the extracted text related to your query, with no information about the underlying web page on which it was found. For many results you can find the source by cutting and pasting the text and throwing it into a Google search box (remember to quote the string so it will find an exact match). Your results will include the actual web page the quote appears on.

Call for Speakers – Search Engine Strategies Toronto

I’m looking for two case study speakers for the Campaign Case Studies panel at the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference in Toronto, on May 11-12. Here’s the description of the panel:

“Come hear real life examples of how companies have marketed themselves via search engines. Presentations cover both improving traffic from free organic editorial listings and through paid listing campaigns. Learn what worked for them and make it work for you.”

I’m specifically interested in companies that are either based in Canada, or who have run campaigns for companies selling Canadian products or services. Panelists should be from a company that either does search engine marketing in house or outsources it to a search marketing firm.

If you work for a SEM firm, it’s OK to suggest one of your clients. But it will be the client that will do the presentation, and other than mentioning your firm, the presentation must be focused exclusively on the search marketing campaign, not on the work of the SEM firm.

If you’d like to attend the conference and share your experiences on this panel, we’ll provide you with a pass to attend the full conference — a C$995 value (you’ll still be responsible for your own travel and accommodation).

If you’re certain you can attend the conference, please use the contact form with the subject “Toronto Case Study” and tell me about your background and what you’d talk about. I’ll be accepting suggestions through Friday, March 19.

Again, please only contact me with suggestions if you’re certain you (or your client) is able to attend the conference. Thanks!

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NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.


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