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Queryster lets you quickly get results from ten different search engines, simply by clicking an icon. It’s a great way to compare the different “personalities” of search engines.

One of the reasons I like HotBot is that it offers a quick way to get results from four different search engines: AlltheWeb, Google, Inktomi and Teoma.

Queryster extends this concept, and takes it a step further, allowing you to quickly scan search results from ten different engines. Unlike HotBot, which formats search results on its own site, Queryster shows the actual result pages served by the search engines themselves.

Start your search by entering a query on the Queryster home page. Select your default (starting) search engine by clicking the logo of any of the ten displayed. Click the search button and you’ll see results from the default engine.

This is where the fun begins. Queryster “stays” with you on the result page, showing up as a goofy looking “graph” with logos of the search engines in circles, connected to each other by lines. Click any of the circles, and results from another engine are displayed.

The Queryster interface is translucent, allowing you to see text beneath it. You can drag it around the page by clicking on one of the lines between the circles, and holding the mouse button down while you drag.

Beneath the graph is a search form, letting you run a new query without having to return to the Queryster home page. You can also cycle through the different search engines by clicking forward and back arrows. Clicking the “O” symbol removes the graph, and clicking the “X” symbol removes the interface altogether, leaving a “smiling magnifying glass” icon that will restore the full interface with a click.

You can customize Queryster by selecting your favorite engines from a list of 25. The usual suspects are available, but there are also buttons for meta search engines, and multimedia engines like Picsearch and Singingfish.

There also some tools available that perform specialized searches for things like phone numbers, maps, internet information and a variety of others.

There’s also a blog viewer that plays blogs like a slide show.

Queryster is one of a variety of search tools all apparently developed by the same people operating a site called SearchIsFun.com (it’s hard to tell, as there is no “about us” information). Other apps include Search Fight that compares the popularity of two search terms, Google Blaster, which extends Google’s functionality, and a few others.

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